Dynamic Reconfigure of HARK parameters

Main Sheet Configuration

  • Required Modules
    • RosNodeGenerator
    • LOOP0 (This appears after you create iterator sheet.)



All description is available at Publishing/Subscribing msg type Topics.



All description is available at Publishing/Subscribing msg type Topics.


 Iterator Sheet Configuration

  • Required Modules
    • Sleep
    • RosHarkIntDynReconf



All description is available at Publishing/Subscribing msg type Topics.



  • Module Description

This module subscribes an integer from ROS dynamic reconfigure parameter server.

It displays and outputs the subscribed integer.


  • Module Location
Node list > HARK:ROS:Sample > RosHarkIntDynReconf


  • Property settings
Name Type Value Explanation
ROS_DURATION float 0.001 Minimum interval of ROS topic subscription.


ROS_DURATION is only valid if the ROS_DURATION is longer than HARK interval.

Set ROS_DURATION small value so that HARK can work with desired interval.


  • Terminal settings

Set “OUTPUT1” for this output.


 Examining the network file

Save the network file before closing [e.g.) RosHarkIntDynReconf.n ]

Open a new terminal and type



Go back to the previous terminal and run the HARK network file



Open a new terminal and type

rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure


You’ll see a reconfigure GUI.

You can modify a parameter inside the RosHarkIntDynReconf from the GUI dynamically.

The standard output of the HARK network is something like following.

ROS node : HARK_MASTER_NODE generated...
node_RosHarkIntDynReconf_1 initialized...
[ INFO] [1289793120.876684240]: Received [1] [thread=0x923af18]
ROS initialized...
<Int 0 >
node_RosHarkIntDynReconf_1 Subscribed [1]
node_RosHarkIntDynReconf_1 Subscribed [1]
[ INFO] [1289793129.366559703]: Received [2] [thread=0x91a1c38]
node_RosHarkIntDynReconf_1 Subscribed [2]
[ INFO] [1289793129.399733376]: Received [3] [thread=0x91a1c38]
[ INFO] [1289793129.416073718]: Received [5] [thread=0x91a1c38]
[ INFO] [1289793131.381853268]: Received [26] [thread=0x91a1c38]
node_RosHarkIntDynReconf_1 Subscribed [26]
node_RosHarkIntDynReconf_1 Subscribed [26]


This is an example when we set the parameter from 1 to 26 through the GUI.

Now, let us check how the ROS system sees the HARK network by rqt_graph.

rosrun rqt_graph rqt_graph


When uncheck the “Hide Debug” on rqt_graph, you can see that the HARK_MASTER_NODE node accesses the dynamic reconfigure parameter server.

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