Windows (For HARK Ver.2.x and earlier.)

Thease instructions are for HARK V2.x and earlier.

Step 1: Get your computer ready to install HARK


  • For new HARK users and or users simply wishing to run HARK, we recommend the environment below that we have confirmed HARK would work properly (HARK初心者の方やHARKをとりあえず動かしてみたい方は、下記の動作確認済みの環境でのHARKの使用を推奨します):
    • gp504-win64-mingw.exe (gnuplot v5)
    • graphviz-2.38.msi (Graphviz v2.38)
    • Python(x,y)- (Python(x,y) v2.7)
    • node-v6.9.1-x64.msi (Node.js v6.9.1)
    • ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe (Google Chrome)
    • Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
    • Windows native packages of HARK and Julius and Kaldi


Step 2: Download and run the HARK for Windows Installer


  • If you have installed the old HARK, uninstall it and install the latest HARK.(古いHARKをインストール済みの場合は、それをアンインストールしてから最新のHARKをインストールしてください)
  • For installation, see Installation instruction (in English) or インストール方法のページ (in Japanese)


  • If you want to use ASIO driver, you need to install ASIO plugin go this page: HARK-ASIOplugin


  • Limitations
    • Wios: Currently, it suppors only RASP, please use AudioStramFromMic node for recording from other devices.
    • These are the recording samples for PlayStationEye(652) and Microcone(675)





This plugin enables HARK to record audio devices that has an ASIO driver.
If you want to record microcone, you need to install this plugin (see also MicroconeMain)

Once you installed, you can use a new node, named AudioStreamFromASIO.

Download Installer



ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

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