TD-BD-16ADUSB Installation Instructions

This instruction is an alternative approach to install a kernel module for TD-BD-16ADUSB.
We recommend you to read the manual and try to use the sample program included in TD-BD-16ADUSB.
If you can record by using TD-BD-16ADUSB, you don’t need to install the following module.

 Installation from Source Compilation

TD-BD-16ADUSB can be installed by source compilation.
Run the following commands for install TD-BD-16ADUSB driver to your system.

sudo apt-get update
# install the source of kernel module for TD-BD-16ADUSB
sudo apt-get install tdbd16ad-source 
# compile the source and install
sudo m-a --text-mode a-i tdbd16ad 
#install the TD-BD-16ADUSB library
sudo apt-get install libtdbd16ad

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