Kurage-kun manufactured by System in Frontier Inc. has the following features:

  • 8 channel audio input (circular array)
  • Wireless network interface
  • RASP-24 is inside.


Kurage-kun Installation Instructions

The device has a RASP-24 inside the core.
Therefore you can follow the documentation of HARK to use the array.
For the installation of HARK basic packages, follow …

  • HARK Installation Instructions


Kurage-kun Tutorials

Device setup on Ubuntu

Connect your Kurage-kun to your PC.
Check if the device is connected by the following command.


The IP_OF_YOUR_KURAGE_KUN is the IP address of your device.

How to use your Kurage-kun in HARK

We suppose you’ve read the HARK document in HARK Documentation page, and you have an intermediate level skill of HARK network file construction.

To use your Kurage-kun in HARK, put AudioStreamFromMic module on the network and set its parameters as follows:

Name Type Value Explanation
LENGTH int 512 Number of samples in one frame
ADVANCE int 160 Shift length
CHANNEL_COUNT int 8 Number of microphone channels
SAMPLING_RATE int 16000 Sampling rate of the audio stream
DEVICE_TYPE string RASP24-16 Category of the sensors
GAIN string 0dB Gain of the microphones

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