beta version

The beta versions of HARK are placed on this page.

Embedded HARK

Includes RASP-MX version and CUDA compatible version.

  • Latest version
    • v3.5.1 (2022/07/20)
       Fixed an incorrect temporary variable name (t_tmp => v_tmp) used for swap operation in the EVD function’s eigenvalue ascending sort process. This eliminates the corruption of the V matrix.
  • Old versions

HARK acoustics library (libhark) with Python bindings (PyHARK) for HARK tutorial version

This is a development version that will be officially released.
There may be major specification changes.

  • Latest version
    • v0.9.1 (2022/12/05)
       Includes bug fixes found after HARK tutorial on LocalizeMUSIC, GHDSS and Synthesize.

      Notes for build:
      Use Eigen3 (default) with …

      cmake ..


      cmake .. -DUSE_LIB_EIGEN=ON

      Use OpenBLAS with …

      cmake .. -DUSE_LIB_OPENBLAS=ON

      Use Intel MKL with …

      cmake .. -DUSE_LIB_MKL=ON

  • Old versions
    • v0.9.0 (2022/11/23)
      Release version for HARK tutorial (This is a version of the VM distributed at the HARK tutorial 2022)
       Basic localization, separation, feature transformation, feature transmission nodes (including LocalizeMUSIC, GHDSS and etc. nodes), and a basic network are versions that work.
    • v0.1.1 (2022/11/01)
      Pre-release version for HARK tutorial (Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04 both support)
       Replaced version with Eigen implementation. Officially supported the Ubuntu 20.04 environment and integrated with the Ubuntu 20.04 compatible version.
    • v0.1.0 (2022/08/19)
      Early access version for HARK tutorial (Ubuntu 22.04 only support)
    • v0.0.1 (2022/07/11)
      Early access version for Ubuntu 20.04

HARK acoustics library (libhark) samples

This is an implementation sample of the network for libhark.

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