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HARK-ROS Tutorials

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HARK-ROS Tutorials


We assume the following two requirements for this tutorial.

  • Intermediate level skill of HARK network file construction

  • Complete of beginner level tutorial of ROS


    • This tutorial uses HarkInt (just an integer) as the most simple example.
    • A HARK node publishes HarkInt type topic, and another HARK node subscribes it.
    • Similar to the following ROS Tutorial

    • First example of client/server type communication.
    • A HARK node sends two integers as a client, and another HARK node returns their summation as a server.
    • Similar to the following ROS tutorial

    • This is an example to reconfigure HARK parameters through ROS dynamic reconfigure GUI.
    • HarkInt (an integer) is dynamically reconfigured as the most simple example.

    • From this tutorial, HarkInt is no longer used. This tutorial provides how to publish/subscribe HARK standard messages.
    • HARK network file for Sound Source Localization is used for publishing/subscribing source locations.

    • This tutorial is an example of how to use dynamic reconfigure GUI for HARK parameters.
    • Here, parameters of sound source localization are reconfigured.

    • This tutorial is an example to record and play HARK std messages by rosbag.
    • Here, HarkWave is recorded and played to show the most simple example.